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Why We're The Landlords' Choice In Belfast

Posted on 18 August 2016
Why We're The Landlords' Choice In Belfast

It isn’t rocket science; a landlord’s primary objective is to make money, be it as a result of rental income or through selling property at the right price at the right time.

Either way they will benefit from a good working relationship with a proven, knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy estate agent whose record supports his or her claims to be able to find a good tenant or a genuine buyer. Aria tick each of those boxes, and quite a few others besides, hence their popularity and reputation among landlords.

The Lisburn Road-based estate agency’s name is recognised and acknowledged as one that is growing across Belfast, not least because of the size and quality of Aria’s management book. Aria have hundreds of landlords on board at this stage, and there are others keen to join them. This all translates as ever-growing portfolios offering a very wide range of properties and prices. And with access to an impressive number of buyers who come to Aria with specific requests, it is a process that works for each of the parties concerned. Win, win.

As well as providing all of the expected and traditional estate agent’s services, Aria help to source properties for customers. Their clients range from Joe and Joan Average who happen to have inherited some money and now want to buy a property to rent out, right up to large-scale investors who have funds of several million pounds with which to buy an entire portfolio. No job too small or large, then.

So if any landlord is thinking about selling a property or properties at this stage, there is a very real possibility that Aria will have someone on their books intent on buying just such a holding or holdings.  In a case like this there is no need for boards or advertising; with a vendor and a purchaser meeting one another’s requirements it is a quick, smooth, straightforward transaction. Thus, with customers already standing by, waiting, ready, willing and able to buy appropriate properties as and when they become available, Aria are a lap ahead of much of the field.

Their success in catering for the upper and lower ends of the market are reflected in their figures. Just as they have done deals for £40,000, so too have they recorded others worth several millions of pounds. Their successes have been across the board and that is something which has earned them the respect and confidence of landlords, whether they are of the selling or buying variety. Of course, the situation is not static. Because people’s wants change, things seldom remain still for long in the world of landlords or the sale or purchase of houses, flats or apartments.

Aria are designed to cope with that reality. They major in finding out what exactly a potential buyer wants and then match them up with the appropriate property. It’s a time and money-efficient format that invariably delivers results. It might be a simple case of Joe and Joan Average wishing to invest in a to-let property that is pretty much good to go, with perhaps just a coat of paint required. Alternatively it could be a well-heeled group of investors intent on buying a much larger portfolio.

Does this happen? Yes, Aria recently completed a single transaction in which 38 houses were sold and bought. So, different clients with differing needs but almost without fail a satisfactory deal for all concerned.

While rents continue to provide good incomes for landlords, there are going to be challenges ahead. Tax changes are due in the next financial year, along with the disappearance of mortgage relief between now and the end of the decade. When that happens, average rents almost certainly will increase. Even so, some landlords are considering selling at this stage and those who are would be well advised to enlist with an agency whose credentials and pedigree confirm their expertise when it comes to bringing the right partners together.

Try Aria; you won’t be disappointed.