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Viewings: Should They be Done by You or Your Agent?

Posted on 09 May 2018
Viewings: Should They be Done by You or Your Agent?

Viewings are one of the most important stages in the process of selling your property. Professional marketing photos can do a lot to intrigue viewers but if they don’t like what they see in person, they won’t be making an offer on the property, no matter how good the marketing might be.

So, what is the best way to show off your home to viewers, and who is the best person for the job?

Some estate agents will insist you are the best person to show prospective buyers around your property, because who would know it better
than you? Other agents may feel they should accompany every viewer as some people might feel uncomfortable with the seller, like they couldn’t say what they really think of the house or ask the questions they really want to ask.

At Aria Residential we see merit in both methods, depending on the circumstances.

Some estate agencies won’t offer a viewing service as standard. At Aria Residential we will always offer this service. We are trained
to engage and listen to viewers and determine buying signals while responding professionally and skillfully to any questions they might ask. We gather honest and constructive feedback from viewers and build a professional relationship with interested parties, which can make the bidding and buying stage more straightforward for our vendors. We are also able to emphasis the things that are most important to prospective buyers based on the questions we have already asked them in the vetting process, prior to their viewing; are they looking for an investment property? Will the house be a family home?

The positives of having the vendor conduct viewings is that some buyers want to know things about the general area, local amenities, best
places to eat, best pubs etc. which is information that can only really be gleaned from having lived in the community, this is especially true of houses in countryside locations.

Some vendors feel more comfortable showing viewers around their home themselves, taking ownership of this part of the selling process and showing off the parts of the house that make the property special. Building a rapport between vendors and prospective buyers can also encourage offers.

Although the vendor will know and love their home, they can sometimes make the error of overselling the property they have lived in and loved themselves. What is genuine passion for their own home can sometimes overwhelm a viewer or make them feel rushed or pressured in the process of viewing. Purchasers may not be looking at your property as a family home, it could be for investment or letting and the potential purchaser would be practical, using their heads more than their hearts. As a vendor conducting a viewing, it is always best to let the viewer lead and try to get a sense of why they are looking at your house. Try to be objective and build a rapport with viewers so they feel comfortable enough to ask questions about your property.

The one option we would not advise is to have your agent conduct viewings with you. Having both agent and vendor present at viewings can be overwhelming for prospective buyers and can lead to confusion about who they should direct questions toward. There is also less of an opportunity to build that necessary rapport with viewers and gauge their interest in the property with both vendor and agent present.

Remember, selling property is what and estate agent does. We know exactly how to market your property for sale and how much information viewers may or may not need to know. We know how to overcome any objections viewers may have and how to identify and show off the best parts of your property.

If you are thinking of selling your property contact one of our expert agents at Aria Residential today for a free valuation.

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