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Top Tips To Sell Your Property

Posted on 08 September 2016
Top Tips To Sell Your Property

With the property market, like so many other areas of the economy, in a state of flux following the Brexit verdict, selling a house for its true value is a real challenge.

Potential buyers may well hold fire until such times as things become a little clearer. For if, as many are suggesting may happen, house prices were to drop, a purchaser could end up with a very much better deal as a result of having waited a while.

It is vital, therefore, that you, the seller, do everything you can to make your property desirable. For a minimal outlay you can make minor changes which could enhance its attractiveness significantly. The process of selling a house, bungalow, flat or apartment is helped greatly by the application of a little sometimes not-so-common sense in tandem with attention to detail.

If you are to be successful in selling your property, almost certainly you will do so through the auspices of a respected, reliable, trustworthy and sales-record-proven estate agent. Remember, you are not trying to sell to yourself but to someone you do not know. Do not feel tempted to convert them to your taste or style. Bright red or lime green may be your favourite colours, they are unlikely to be theirs, too.

So do not sabotage your chances; play safe and be conservative by using neutral, go-with-anything colours.

Aria will offer all the help and advice you need on such matters.

First impressions are everything so the value of a modest investment cannot be over-stressed. So shampoo – or better still, replace – that old carpet. Apply a fresh coat of paint, freshen up that entrance hallway and tidy up the garden.

Get rid of any clutter - outside as well as inside the house. All of these are selling points.

First and foremost a  for-sale house has to be attractive enough to merit an offer to buy. By  offering advice and promoting the property in the best-possible light to the widest-possible audience, Aria improve your prospects of a sale.

If it is a three-bedroom house, make sure the viewer sees it in that form rather than two bedrooms plus a general store-all facility.

The keywords are clean, fresh, tidy, uncluttered, functional.

1.Make sure the front of your house looks the part. Tidy garden, nothing broken, clean brickwork/paintwork.

2. Re-paint your front door and put potted plants either side of it. Update any outside lights.

3. Ensure the entrance hall creates a good first impression. Paint it in a neutral colour and get rid of anything the spoils the flow through it, bulky furniture for example. If it needs colour, add a rug.

4. Lighting is important; install brighter modern lights so your home is bright, cheerful and up to date.

5. Colour choices are highly personal so any would-be buyers will have their own ideas. Before they view, re-paint in neutral shades.

6. Ignore any temptation to undertake major overhauls. Do, however, update lighting and replace switches, sockets and doorknobs if they are dated.

7. Get rid of all clutter. If you don’t have anywhere to put all your stuff, put it into storage.

8. Remove pets – and evidence of them - from your house during viewing. Some people are frightened by them, some are allergic, others just do not like them, For any of those reasons they will feel uncomfortable whilst viewing. Also remove pet bowls, baskets and, of course, litter trays.

9. Spruce up your garden at the back as well as the front. It should look like a space for entertaining, not a scrap yard. Inexpensive patio furniture and potted plants may help.

10. Make sure your home is spotless, with no signs of dirt anywhere, particularly the bathroom and kitchen. Wash all worktops and surfaces. No dirty dishes or clothing. No dust. Freshly vaccumed carpets, clean tiles and floors. No smells of recently cooked cabbage or cauliflower.

But first, lift the phone and speak to Aria. Let them maximise your asset, your price and your prospects by virtue of the second-to-none service they provide.