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There's More To Selling A House Than Putting Up A Billboard

Posted on 28 October 2016
There's More To Selling A House Than Putting Up A Billboard

Anybody can erect a For Sale sign. You see such notices stuck on car windscreens all over the country.

It doesn’t make the person who puts up that sign an expert in anything. It does not confirm any level of training, understanding or knowledge on their part. Nor does it signify a qualification to do anything other than stick a sign on something.
It doesn’t even inform the public of the quality of what is for sale.

In reality, all it confirms is that someone has something they want or need to sell. And while it may be excellent, alternatively it could be woeful. Who knows?
Dealing with them amounts to little more than a speculative shot in the dark, then.

Selling property has moved on a long way from the days of putting an advert in a newspaper and a For Sale board in the garden or on the wall of the said-property.

We live in a digital, social media age and any estate agent worth the title must be conscious of that reality. Just as we drive to the shopping mall rather than make the journey by horse-drawn cart to the local market, so we comply with modern-day technology and methods to raise public awareness of properties for sale.

Not only does online and multi-media marketing inform an audience bigger by far than any newspaper advertisement or sale board could ever hope to reach, the 24/7 availability it provides means it is there to be viewed at any time of the day or night.

‘Virtual viewing’ is the name of the game, with a potential buyer able to assess your ‘for sale’ property via a laptop in the comfort of his or her own front room.
In the knowledge of where the market was headed, Aria invested heavily in technology. And staff capable of using it to maximum effect in promoting house sales as well as securing rentals for landlords.

This has proved highly successful, not least among overseas property investors who appreciate the opportunity to see what is available in Northern Ireland in general and Belfast in particular.
But just as there is more to selling a house than erecting a board, so there is more to the multi-media marketing process than simply putting flow-through, room by room images on laptops.
Aria’s watchword is ‘detail’ and it is their attention to the smallest of the small points that has proved so successful in promoting sales.

Rather than merely undertaking to act as selling agents for the vendor, they offer straight-talking – and therefore invaluable - advice on how best to present the property you wish to sell.
As a result of their experience and eye for detail, they know what will prove attractive to a potential buyer. Conversely, they also know what is likely to prove off-putting to members of the general public.

They are totally honest in advising not only on what works, but also on what does not. So rather than flanneling their clients by not mentioning things which they know are likely to deter most viewers, Aria will be forthright – in the seller’s own interests.

If they can see that your black bedroom, that once-white but now-grey bathroom carpet or that pretentiously oversized chandelier in that tiny room are not doing your prospects any favours, they will tell you. And when you sell, you will probably end up thanking them for their candour while agreeing to differ on personal tastes.

As well as marketing your property to a potentially vast public and offering you honest advice on how to present it to those people, Aria major in providing support each step of the way. Here they have a distinctive edge over their rivals because by virtue of an exceptionally well-stocked data base and portfolios informing them of potential buyers’ specific requests and requirements, they can match property and purchaser easily, thereby speeding up the selling-buying process considerably.

Sellers really like the fact that Aria are able to present them with potentially interested parties who want pretty much exactly what is on offer. That’s win-win.

Aria also provide in-depth knowledge on the mortgage market, enabling them to keep customers fully informed of who is offering what, and whether or not type (a), (b) or (c) best suits the needs and pocket of that particular individual or family.

Advanced marketing, unrivaled knowledge of the market and prices leading to accurate valuations, no-holds-barred advice on what looks best and a mortgage service are hallmarks of a tuned-in, modern-day estate agency.

Get in touch with Aria and let them prove each of those points in securing your sale.