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Spring has Sprung: How to Get your Home Ready

Posted on 15 February 2019
Spring has Sprung: How to Get your Home Ready

When the sun peaks out from behind the clouds in Northern Ireland everything starts to feel a bit brighter and lighter. Signs of winter weather and the darkness that comes with it start to drift away and spring is visible on the horizon. Spring is one of the ideal times to sell a property and we have some helpful tips and tricks to get your home ready for the selling season.


They don’t call it ‘Spring cleaning’ for nothing. A new season brings everyone out of the hibernation we all became so accustomed to in winter. Now is the ideal time to do the same for your home. Open the windows, let the bright light and fresh air in. Wash all your bedding and refresh the furniture with a spritz of your
favourite fragrance.

Start to go through your home room by room. Open the closets, look under the beds and in dresser drawers and start to pare down on any knick knacks that no longer bring you joy. If you haven’t worn items of clothing for a year or more – get rid of them. Once you’ve decluttered, clean your whole house top to bottom like you’ve never cleaned before! You’ll feel refreshed and your home will never look so good!
If you’re planning on selling in the spring, there is no better thing you can do for your sale than declutter and allow your home to really shine. Viewers want to have an idea of what the house could look like filled with furniture, but they don’t want to feel overwhelmed by personal items so that they can’t imagine themselves in the space.

Wash Windows Inside and Out
Sparkle is free and clean windows can go a long way to showing your home in the best light – literally. Clean windows will reflect the sunlight and make a home feel larger and brighter with no money spent. 

Think Bright and Light

In the winter, we want to make our homes feel cozy and warm, in the spring we want our homes to feel light, bright and clean. We wouldn’t recommend doing an overhaul on the décor through out your home if you’re planning on selling; making small changes to accessories can go a long way to painting a picture for potential buyers. Replacing heavy or dark curtains with lighter fabric or adding a few pastel coloured cushions to your sofas can make a big difference to your home’s appearance.

Help the House Bloom

Now that your house has been decluttered and cleaned, it’s ready for a bit of brightening. Plants and flowers through out the home go a long way to making a home look and feel cheerier. Plants also help clean up our indoor air acting as a natural air filter. Ferns and orchids tend to be low maintenance plants that won’t require a lot of upkeep. Pick flowers such as lilac branches, peonies and tulips that give off a light pleasant smell. Plants and flowers are an easy way to redecorate and bring a new atmosphere into the home without breaking the budget.