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Some Estate Agents Are Better Than Others

Posted on 03 November 2016
Some Estate Agents Are Better Than Others

There are footballers and then there are FOOTBALLERS. They may, theoretically, be playing the same game but their ability to do so varies greatly.
While all players are restricted by the same pitch dimensions, use the same size and weight of ball and adhere to the same rules, for some reason the Irish League boasts none of comparable skill to Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo!

The same is true in every walk of life, of course. Sometimes there is a wow factor that sets the best apart from the rest. There are numerous labourers but very few master craftsmen.
That is why the latter stand out from the crowd. Fact.

When it comes to that general rule, estate agents are no different to those in other spheres. Which means there are some great estate agents – and others who are not. Now in straightforward language, an estate agent’s job is to facilitate and enable the sale and purchase of property. Sounds a pretty clear-cut role with little scope for flair or individuality. So why are some so much better at it than others? And just how big a difference does that make to the person trying to sell or buy a home?

Well, as with any situation in which someone excels, invariably you will find that as well as natural ability there is a work ethic, a drive to succeed, a commitment to excellence and, in pursuit of that goal, a willingness to go the proverbial ‘extra mile’.

That attitude is what separates winners from also-rans.

Aria Residential belong in the former category by virtue of their dedication to raising the bar in terms of the service they provide as estate agents. Having come into being just before Northern Ireland’s house market began to plunge into free-fall following the global economic crash of 2008, they really had to earn their spurs the hard way. With the market disintegrating and so many estate agencies competing for the meagre scraps off a fast-shrinking Northern Ireland property sales table, they knew that the only solution was to out-perform rivals by providing a quality of service that others were not offering.

‘Attention to detail’ became their mantra back then. And having seen it deliver results through the worst of times, they have never felt tempted to change it. Thus ‘Attention to detail’ remains their modus operandi today.

Their undertaking to up the standard in terms of what estate agents offer and do has seen them set new highs in a variety of ways. By embracing technology they have emerged as trailblazers in the field of property marketing in Northern Ireland. They specialise in social media advertising, so reaching the widest possible number of potential – as well as specifically targeted - property buyers and investors, be they traditional mum, dad plus 2.4 children family group or landlords interested in finding accommodation with rental potential.

As well as being so far-reaching – way beyond the range of any For Sale board or newspaper advert, for example - on-line marketing goes on 24/7.
Another of their services is that they have a bank of clients with specific requirements, so when an appropriate property becomes available they are able to match the two.
Aria also have made a point of recruiting staff who know about property and how the market works. As home-owners and investors themselves, those staff members know how it feels to be buying or selling a home.

Simple things, like Aria’s working hours, reflect their commitment to serving clients for whom 9-5, Monday-Friday is unsuitable. In addition, Aria put their money where their mouth is by paying the costs others charge the customer. In other words, no up-front costs, no advertising fees. Furthermore, if they fail to sell your house, they charge you nothing. As well as underlining the faith they have in their ability as estate agents, that provides particular motivation for them to deliver a sale!

They pride themselves on their knowledge of the market, too. There is no secret formula, there are no shortcuts; their know-how is down to sheer hard graft and thorough research. As a result, their valuations are realistic, so hastening sales. Their advice is honest and knowledge-based, too. They know what will attract or deter people who might be interested in buying or renting a property. They also know that a minor outlay can make a world of difference and prove to be a very shrewd investment.

In addition to their ‘Attention to detail’ mantra, Aria have four key words in their company ethos. They are listening’, ‘value’, ‘integrity’ and ‘innovation’.

So if you want to sell, buy or rent property, get in touch with them.