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Recycling And The Environment

Posted on 29 October 2018
Recycling And The Environment

The topic of global warming has become a regular occurrence in today's society, as it should be. As a planet, we need to start doing the little things to help stop the effects of the greenhouse gases and the results of the carbon footprint we are making.

There are simple tasks you can care out within your home to help you save money and help the environment because every little bit counts!

Stop drinking bottled water

Bottled water can cost you a fair amount over your lifetime. Plastic bottles are also a massive contributor to plastic waste that gets dumped into our oceans. Buy one reusable bottle and your set!

Go paperless

Going paperless may be hard but try and cut out the use of paper as much as you can. Change from paper banking to online banking, get your bills online instead of in the mail!

Use less electricity

Using less electricity in your house will help you save money while helping the environment. Unplug your charges and turn off your outlets. If you aren’t lounging about your living room turn off the light!

Use reusable shopping bags

We all know reusable bags are better than plastic, but we always seem to leave them at home. Keep a few in your boot and continuously restock your boot anytime you remember.

Fill the gaps in your windows and doors

Gaps reduce energy efficiency in a home. By caulking gaps around windows and doors, you increase the ability of your house to retain heat and cold air. It will also help keep your gas bills down.

Doing the smallest things within your house will help the environment and the growing issue of climate change! If you want more tips on going green check out TreeHugger or WWF they have tons of tips and insight into climate change!

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