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Present Your Home to Sell

Posted on 07 February 2018
Present Your Home to Sell

The process of showing and selling your home can be a smooth and quick one if potential buyers are immediately impressed with your home. Preparing your home for sale is a bit like designing a stage for a play, everything in it’s place and perfectly arranged, giving potential buyers a glimpse of what the property could look like if it was theirs.

Keep in mind that large scale renovations are not required, showing your home at its very best is easier than you might think!

First Impressions

Remember the outside of your house when getting ready for viewers. First impressions are made from the minute a purchaser arrives at your property and small touches go a long way.

  • If viewers are arriving after dark, make sure to turn the porch light on, it will create a sense of welcome. 
  • Make sure your garden looks tidy and really shows off the space your property has to offer. It’s the first thing viewers will see.  
Moving to the inside of your home try and look at the rooms from an outsider’s perspective. Light is key. Dark areas are uninviting so turn on side lamps to create a feeling of warmth and open curtains and blinds to allow natural light into the rooms. Small touches such as buying freshly cut flowers from the corner shop or lighting a candle to make the room smell nice will give your home an inviting presence.

Eliminate Clutter

If viewers can’t see the rooms, it will be difficult for them to imagine their own furniture in the house they’re hoping to buy. Use the opportunity to do a spring cleaning. Go through your house room by room and try your best to eliminate clutter and bits and pieces you’ve been meaning to give to a charity shop. Some agents will advise to ‘take the home out of your house’ to depersonalise your property by taking family photos off the walls and storing personal keepsakes in boxes so that viewers can imagine their family living in the property. This isn’t entirely necessary. If viewers like the bones of a house they’ll have no problem imagining themselves in the property. The key is to show the rooms off by making sure they’re tidy, that the beds are made, dining chairs are pushed in and that there aren’t books or toys lying around the floor. You want to ensure your home is clear of excess clutter and organised, so rooms don’t appear smaller and disorganised. Take time to remove as much as you’re able to, without leaving the room bare!

Deep Cleaning

Use viewings as an excuse to give your house that good deep clean you’ve been meaning to get around to. In high impact rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms, make sure surfaces are cleaned and floors are brushed and mopped. Put away excess items sitting on your counters and return bits and pieces left around the house to their rightful place.  A tidy kitchen and bathroom, free of clutter will go a long way to attracting potential purchasers and a proper clean will leave your home smelling fresh and appealing to viewers. Clean windows and
ledges and cobwebs clinging to walls or light fixtures. Once you’ve finished your spring clean, style and accessorise rooms by making up beds, dressing the dining table for dinner, placing fresh fluffy towels in the bathroom and adding flowers or vibrant plants around the room.

It’s amazing what impression a few small touches can give a property for sale.