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Landlords, Do You Need Tenants?

Posted on 13 October 2016
Landlords, Do You Need Tenants?

Landlords, need help with attracting the right tenants?

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius – famed for his ‘Meditations’ on Stoic philosophy – once delivered a stinging put-down of an unenviable couple.

“Since you are so well matched and so much alike – a very bad wife and a very bad husband – I wonder that you do not agree,” he said. Um.

Mismatches, by definition, do not work. Ask any discontented landlord about his tenants – or any discontented tenants about their landlord – and the truth of that axiom is reinforced.

So what does a landlord want and expect of a tenant or tenants and how should he or she go about ensuring that he/she finds people who fit – as well as pay – the bill?

Three words top the list; reliable, respectful and responsible.

RELIABILITY with regard to payment of rent, promptly and in full.

RESPECT with regard to the property and everything contained within in.

RESPONSIBILITY to others – neighbours as well as the landlord - in terms of reasonable behaviour and adherence to the law.

While those are totally fair expectations, sadly not everyone manages to meet them. And that can spell a lot of trouble for the landlord who finds him-or-herself saddled with a resident who is unreliable, disrespectful and irresponsible.

It makes sense, therefore, to conduct full and proper research as to those who have expressed an interest in renting a property from you.

Now, it is improbable that a landlord will have either the time or the expertise to carry out such an investigation. That being the case, they may need help in asking the right questions of the right people to get the right answers in order to achieve the right outcome.

Here Aria have a particularly impressive track record. Not only are they one of Northern Ireland’s fastest-growing estate agents, they are major players – in Belfast in particular – in matching suitable landlords and tenants. Students, families, short-stay business visitors, long-term residents.

A particularly big attraction for a busy landlord is the fact that Aria take on all of the administrative spadework involved in letting, thereby relieving the property owner of having to do so.

They will check out a would-be tenant’s credit ratings, get references and ensure there are guarantors before proceeding to present any contract to be signed by all parties.

And they will see to it that there is a full inventory of what is provided in the case of a furnished house, flat or apartment. As well as that, they will oversee and safeguard any agreement as to the size and precise nature of any deposit.

They will also provide landlords and tenants alike with copies of those contracts, confirming their respective responsibilities and undertakings in line with their acceptance of, and commitment to, fulfilling same.

Crucially, Aria have an extensive management book of landlords who require tenants and vice-versa. And because they have all of that carefully logged information at their disposal, they are in a great position to bring those parties together for their mutual benefit.

The landlord provides a good property and so gets a good tenant; in turn the tenant gets good home accommodation and a landlord on whom they can rely to keep their side of the deal in terms of upkeep, maintenance and repairs. And the rent is fair to both.

With hundreds of landlords on their books, and others ever-keen to join them, this represents a steadily growing opportunity to promote a huge variety of properties available at a wide range of prices.

This means that any landlord hoping to attract tenants is particularly well placed, with the probable follow-through being that Aria’s portfolio of residents in waiting or wishing to move will include the names of some who are interested in exactly what is on offer.

Aria are not going to waste time steering someone whose rental budget is £800 a month to a property on which the rent is £1,200. Nor will they suggest a two-bedroom house to someone who needs three.

That ability to match specific requirements with specific properties is a winner in that it brings the right people together, thereby saving landlords and tenants alike a lot of time which might otherwise be wasted on hopeful meandering rather than homing in on precise targets.

The goal of any landlord is to make money, either through rental income or by selling property when it is profitable to do so.

Clearly, those whose aim that is will benefit from a good working relationship with a knowledgeable, trustworthy estate agent whose record in finding good tenants or genuine buyers stands up under the most searching examination.

Aria’s track record on both counts is highly impressive. Contact them and let them solve your problem in finding the right tenant for your property.