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How to Know if You've Found 'The One'

Posted on 26 March 2018
How to Know if You've Found 'The One'

Looking for that ‘perfect’ home can mean different things to different people. Your circumstances will dictate your specific wants and needs
when looking at property. Are you a first-time buyer looking to be close to the action of the city centre, or are you starting a family, looking for a home with a bit more space and a garden for kids to play in?
Every purchaser needs and desires for their home, whether it be their first or fourth will vary and the question often asked when looking at property after property is, ‘How Will I know When I’ve Found the One?’

We’ve offered some helpful tips and signs to consider when house hunting, so you can feel confident that you’ve found the house that’s best suited for you.

Think about your basic needs.

First and foremost, when starting your property search is to take some time to think about you really need versus want what you may really want in a home. If you’re a first-time buyer, it is especially important to understand that your first home will more than likely not end up being your ‘forever’ home. You may not get everything you want in your first purchase, but if you can manage your expectations and understand that your basic needs have been met, you’ll be well on your way to getting everything you want in your next property.

Make a list of what is essential in your home, three bedrooms, a driveway, a garage, a garden, make a list and then think of all the
essentials and then look at it again to see if any of those essentials could possibly be compromised, if so, you know that if you find a great house and perhaps it’s lacking one or two of the items you knew you could compromise that you may have found ‘the one.’

Do you like the property from the outside?

A lot of time when purchasers are looking at houses, the neighbourhood the house is in and the way it looks on the outside plays a huge part it whether they love a house or think it’s just okay. If you arrive for a viewing and have an immediate dislike to the exterior of the home, try and figure out what it is exactly that you don’t like. When viewing properties online you have a general sense of where a property is located, but is it the actual street you don’t like, the red brick of the property or is it something you can change by adding paint or flowers and shrubs. If it is something easily fixed, don’t let the way a house appears in that moment, deter you from liking the home itself.

You want to stop looking at houses.

When you walk into a property, it takes roughly 30 seconds for you to know if you get a good ‘feeling’ off the house. If you continue to walk around and start to imagine yourself in the house, your paint colours on the walls, your furniture in the rooms, this is a good sign that the house is right for you. You may feel this way in a few properties, so a sure sign that you’ve found the ‘perfect’ home is if you want to stop looking at other properties. You may start to feel slightly possessive about the house, like it’s yours already. You’re excited to talk about the house and can truly imagine your family living in it. All this can sometimes mean that the house that ultimately becomes the ‘one’ isn’t necessarily the house that has all the things you thought you wanted but will have most of the things you need in a home.

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