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How Often Should You Change Your Duvet Cover

Posted on 22 November 2018
How Often Should You Change Your Duvet Cover

Your duvet cover is used every single day in life - and when cared for will last for years. How often you wash your duvet is up to you, and how often you change based on the style of your bedroom is your choice. Otherwise, here is what we recommend:

  • Wash you duvet every couple of months
  • Wash your pillows every couple of months
  • Replace your Duvet every 5 years - or sooner if its worn out
  • Replace your pillows every couple of years

The good news is that you have the get a new duvet - nothing beats that first time you bounce into bed with a new duvet and pillow case!

The bad news is that someone has to change over the duvet.

So MEN, listen up...

Changing your duvet cover can be a nightmare and take longer than it should. We have found the most proficient way of improving your covers. Anyone could do it.

1. First turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it flat on the bed, the opening on the duvet is at the bottom.

2. Next lay your duvet on top of the cover, making sure the corners are straight and aligned.

3. Go to the head of the bed and start rolling the duvet into a long burrito.

4. When you have rolled it up, reach into the opening of the cover on the right-hand side and flip it over, so you expose the outside of the cover.

5. Repeat on the left-hand side of your duvet.

6. When both sides are flipped over you can unroll the burrito and smooth out your duvet.

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