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Guide to Selling Your Property

Posted on 18 May 2018
Guide to Selling Your Property

1.Get Your Finances in Order

The first step in the process of selling your home is reviewing your finances. Get in contact with your mortgage provider and let them know you are thinking of selling. If you are considering selling your property to purchase a new home, think about the kind of mortgage you will need, your mortgage provider should be able to give you information about what kind of mortgage you are eligible for.

2.Start Selling Before You Buy

If you are thinking of selling your property to purchase a new one, make sure that you get your property onto the market before you begin your search for your new home. Finding your dream home is one thing, but in order to bid on a new property in a strong enough position for the vendors to accept your offer you will need to show that your property is being actively marketed for sale. Losing out on your new property because you aren’t on the market in an avoidable heartbreak.  

3.Get Several Valuations

The first step to getting your property in the market is setting up appointments for valuations. It is always a good idea to get a few estate agents through the door to value your home, so you have a good idea of what your property is worth. Some agents will knowingly overvalue a property in order to get a sale. At Aria Residential our expert valuers do their research and know their respective areas. They attend valuations armed with information and expertise and will always give you the best advice they can offer to guide you in the right direction and get you a fair price on your home.

4.Find a Trusted Agent/Decide What Price to Sell For

Our expert team knows the stress and uncertainty that can come with selling a property and aim to minimise pressure and make the selling process as smooth as possible for our clients. Our bespoke marketing services means your property is advertised on more websites than any other estate agency. We advertise your property on five websites to target not only the Northern Irish property market but the market in the Republic of Ireland and England. We also market your property using our extensive digital marketing services. Our time and commitment to selling your property means you will have two dedicated agents as well as the Aria team looking after your sale. We have a 24hr call centre prepared to answer all calls out of business ours as we understand not all prospective purchasers work 9am-5pm. We have dedicated contractors ready to offer their services should you need any work done on your property prior to sale as well as a host of financial services.With Aria you will benefit from our involvement with CD Fairfield Capital group. Aria has the great advantage of being able to draw upon the services and expertise of our sister companies, including our in-house financial services company CDF Financial.

5.Prepare Your Home

Once you have chosen your dedicated agent, it’s time to prepare your home for photographs and viewings. Marketing photos are very important as this is the first glimpse prospective purchasers with get of your home, the pictures often determine whether a person chooses to view your property. Staging your home correctly can go a long way, before your agent comes to take pictures it’s a good idea to clean your property. Make sure everything is put in it’s rightful place, that there are no dishes in the sink, books on the stairs, that beds a neatly made and bathrooms free of personalised items like shampoo bottles and toothbrushes. Maximising interest from buyers online will give you the best chance of a quick sale and significant interest on your property.

6.Choose a Solicitor

Transferring ownership of property is called conveyancing. This must be done through a solicitor. The solicitor will come on board once you have accepted an offer on your property but is it always a good practice to find a solicitor before this stage as the first question you will be asked once your property is sale agreed is your solicitor’s details. If you are buying and selling a property, try to use the same solicitor for both.

7.Accept an Offer

At this stage in the process, you will have had plenty of viewers through your property and potentially a few offers. It is always acceptable to try and negotiate the offers, some buyers will come in with an initial low offer to see if they can get a good price on your property. At Aria Residential your dedicated agent will always be there to advise and help you through the negotiation process. Once you’ve accepted an offer, the sale process officially begins.

8.Negotiate the Draft Contract

You and the buyer will now decide how much time is allowed between exchange of contracts and completion, what fixtures and fittings will be included as part of the sale and at what price. Survey’s will be carried out around this stage.

9.Exchange Contracts

Once you have negotiated terms of the contract, it will be finalised and ‘exchanged.’ Your purchaser will pay their deposit and the sale will complete. At this point both parties are committed to the sale.

10.Move Out of the Property

You can move out of your property at any stage in the process, but if you live in the property while the sale is processing you only have as long as was agreed by both parties before you have to vacate the property.

11.Complete the Sale

The property officially changes ownership. You will accept payment and hand over all keys to the new purchasers. The deeds will be transferred by each parties’ solicitor and your solicitor will transfer ownership with the land registry.

12.Pay off Your Mortgage

Your lender will have given you a precise figure owed on your mortgage. The buyer will transfer the bulk of the money to your solicitor by this stage and your solicitor will pay off your remaining mortgage for you.

13.Settle Any Bills with Solicitor and Estate Agent

Now that everything is processed, and your sale is complete, your solicitor will send you an account of their costs as well as an account of any sales fees owed to the estate agency.

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