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Four ways to use smell to help sell your home.

Posted on 14 December 2017
Four ways to use smell to help sell your home.

You’ve cleaned your house, staged every room carefully and tidied up the children’s toys and now your home is ready for potential buyers to come and fall in love with. But all your hard work could be for nothing if viewers are put off by the smell of stale air, fatty foods or damp coats hanging in the hall.

To make sure your home is really ready for viewing, here are our tips for using smell to help convince potential buyers.

Get wet coats and pets out of the way.

One of the most unpleasant and distracting smells a visitor viewing your house might notice is the smell of damp coats or wet animal fur, so make sure these are dried or kept outside during the viewing.

Some people don’t like the smell of pets anyway, and might be allergic, so it’s probably best to keep any cats or dogs out of sight anyway, along with their feeding bowls and cat litters.

Get some fresh air circulating.

No one wants to sit in a cold room and you’ll want to make sure the house is a comfortable temperature for prospective buyers, but opening up the doors and windows for just a few minutes will bring in some fresh air into your home getting rid of the older, mustier air.

Do some cooking.

Like we said, you don’t want your house smelling of greasy or fatty foods, or anything to pungent like garlic or curries, but not every food smell is bad and can help give your house a nice homely feel.

If you enjoy baking, making some fresh bread or biscuits works well. If you’re selling in winter, seasonal aromas like cinnamon or mulled wine are a good idea. Warm, sweet smells can also cover other scents quite well.

Try some synthetic scents.

A really quick and effective way to get rid of any unpleasant smells is to use synthetic air fresheners. Air sprays, plug-in air fresheners and burning candles or incense are easy ways to cover any unwanted

If you’re using air fresheners in more than one room in the house, make sure you use similar scents that will complement each other so your visitors aren’t overwhelmed and distracted by too much perfume. It’s also worth avoiding them if you’re going to use some cooking smells as well, as they can clash.

Try a natural alternative.

If you’d prefer not to use artificial air fresheners, then there are some natural options available as well.

Keeping some fresh herbs on your kitchen windowsill can help keep the room smelling good, while baking soda is an affordable, natural deodoriser, which can be poured down drains with a warm tap running, placed in the fridge and sprayed on sofas and carpet, before vacuuming.

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